Ghana Missions Trip Pictures

Travelled to Ghana October 14-23, 2019. Here are some pictures.


Waiting to board my flight from London to Accra.


After about 4 hours of sleep my first night, I preached the next morning in chapel at a local middle school.


Some kids from another nearby school.


Meeting with believers from a church plant in Obadoka, a nearby village


Prayed with a sickly lady who lived in this tiny house. Just a few days later she died.


Kids from Asuboi, where we held three evening meetings.


My dear brother, Pastor Stephen Kwakye, and his adopted daughter Evelyn


Loved the food in Ghana. Evelyn is a great cook!


The Tilapia was my favorite.


High Schoolers headed to class in Suhum


They sell anything and everything roadside in Ghana


Typical street in Suhum


Preaching Saturday morning at a big Secondary School in Suhum.


My text was Isaiah 6:1-8 and the Holiness of God


Preaching Sunday morning at the Living Faith Revival Center, with Pastor Stephen translating


With Stephen, Pastor Solomon (associate), and a young leader in the church


Some young people in the church. The guy in the middle with the white shirt is Patrick. I had a great conversation with him one evening.


I think the highlight of the trip was preaching Sunday night at Juapong and worshipping with about 250 believers.


With Pastor Forward (bottom left) and some of the other church leadership.


Stephen and I are pictured with Pastor Forward and his wife. Somehow I ended up between them.


Really enjoyed touring the Akosombo dam and Lake Volta. The picture doesn’t come close to capturing the beauty of the surrounding region.


View from the other side, about 150 feet up.


It was fun for me to be able to journal my way through this trip


My home for 6 out of the 7 days I was in Ghana – the Vema Guest House. Was nice for the most part, but never got used to the cold showers.


On my last day, took a tour of the memorial for Ghana’s first President, Kwamye Nkrumah. It was fascinating. Where I am standing is the exact spot he stood to declare Ghana’s independence in 1957. And yes I am squinting because the sun is in my eyes.


As I was getting off the plane from the Accra-London flight, I asked to go up and see the second deck of this 747 Jumbo Jet. It’s not huge, but it would be comfy and spacious to fly first class, don’t you think?


Was shocked when the Captain told me I could go up and see the cockpit. This plane has flown literally ten’s of millions of miles. It was fun talking to the Captain.


Another 747 taxiing at Heathrow. The plane in front of it gives you some perspective on how big they are.


I didn’t get to fly on it, but this British Airways A380-800 dwarfs even the 747.


Home-sweet-home! Took this just before touching down in State College. I had a fabulous trip, but my appreciation for home and all the things we take for granted skyrocketed.

In case you missed my journals…..Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

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