God’s Gift of Intimacy

By Milt Herrold Jr. Pastor of Big Valley Alliance Church, Belleville, PA Intimacy is the sharing of one’s heart with another, while fully trusting that the deep and/or fragile secrets shared will not be criticized, nor will the heart of the one sharing be stepped on by the other person. In short, intimacy requires trust and vulnerability. God desires intimacy with His children (1 Cor. … Continue reading God’s Gift of Intimacy

Caring For Your Family as a Pastor

It is an enormous blessing to be a pastor. Serving as an under-shepherd to King Jesus is a high and holy calling that offers great rewards (1 Peter 5:1-4). But as every pastor will also testify, it carries tremendous responsibility (Hebrews 13:17). One of the great challenges of being a pastor is balancing a busy ministry schedule with family life. It is not uncommon for … Continue reading Caring For Your Family as a Pastor

The Santa Gospel and the True Gospel

Several years ago my wife purchased a book for our family titled When Santa Learned the Gospel. It is a fun little children’s book that was written by an Australian author named Simon Camilleri. In an interview Camilleri explained his inspiration to write the book.     Back in 2013 I witnessed something very funny at a local community carols event. As expected, at the end of … Continue reading The Santa Gospel and the True Gospel