Book Review for “Psalms” from the Navpress Life Change Bible Study Series

The newest addition to the Navpress “Life Change Series” is Psalms. This series covers individual books of the bible and is primarily intended for small group bible studies. I have used this study series in the past for the gospel of John, so I was familiar with the layout before digging into this resource. While this series is not intended for “deep” bible study where, it is helpful for those who are interested in improving their understanding of God’s Word.

The authors of this bible study book have divided it up into ten chapters:

1. Prayers of Worship and Praise
2. Prayers of Confession and Acknowledgement
3. Prayers of Intercession and Supplication
4. Prayers of Protection and Deliverance
5. Prayers of Vindication and Forgiveness
6. Prayers of Renewal and Restoration
7. Prayer: Looking to the Past, Planning for the Future
8. Prayer and the Apparent Silence of God
9. Prayer and Waiting on the Lord
10. Prayers of Reward and Thanksgiving

As you can see, “prayer” is the major theme of this study which is not surprising given that we are dealing with the book of Psalms. The Psalms give us a crash course in knowing God and the psalmists (most notably David) are brutally honest before God, often voicing their anger and frustration. The authors of this study to not skirt these difficult issues and help the reader understand that all the psalms help us to know God more, even the prayers of vindication.

For me, the most helpful aspect about this study is the chapter headings that are listed above and how the authors have organized the Psalms. No matter what you are feeling or what’s going on in your life, the psalms have the potential to meet you where you are at and direct your focus to God. In each chapter, all the particular psalms under that category are listed, with some overlap between the different groupings. I would use this resource more a supplemental tool to go along with more in-depth exegetical resources, but if you are looking for an easy to understand overview of the psalms that asks important questions of the text, you might want to look into purchasing this resource.

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