Common Questions Asked About the Bible

A friend of mine has recently started to read the Bible. He has been around Christianity for much of His life, but has never become a believer. He sent me a list of 16 questions primarily about the Bible and I thought it might be helpful to include my answers to 12 of those questions. My starting point is always the conviction that the Bible … Continue reading Common Questions Asked About the Bible

A Response to the Fall of Ravi Zacharias

It is nothing new to hear about the fall of a well-known Christian leader. The recent reports which confirmed Ravi Zacharias’ sexual misconduct were simply the latest.  Over the past few days, other leaders were quick to wash their hands of any connection to Zacharias. Lee Strobel tweeted: “The report on sexual sins by Ravi Zacharias is horrific. He deceived so many. My heart goes … Continue reading A Response to the Fall of Ravi Zacharias

You Are a Theologian

Guest blog post by Angelo Valle, pastor of Christ Reformed Church of Alexandria, PA One of the great joys of my life is opening up a new book. I especially love reading books about theology. Theology, as a word itself, may cause vastly different responses. Perhaps it may elicit indifference, or disdain. Perhaps joy and excitement. Perhaps confusion. Perhaps horror. What is theology? Depending upon … Continue reading You Are a Theologian