Caring For Your Family as a Pastor

It is an enormous blessing to be a pastor. Serving as an under-shepherd to King Jesus is a high and holy calling that offers great rewards (1 Peter 5:1-4). But as every pastor will also testify, it carries tremendous responsibility (Hebrews 13:17). One of the great challenges of being a pastor is balancing a busy ministry schedule with family life. It is not uncommon for … Continue reading Caring For Your Family as a Pastor

Creating a Homeschool Schedule that Works for You

By Stephane Stegeman For those considering homeschooling, one of the biggest questions to consider is the question of scheduling. How will you schedule your days, weeks, months, and the year as a whole? Starting a homeschool is a big deal, and countless challenges await you, and that is why creating a schedule that works for you is a key ingredient to success. This blog post … Continue reading Creating a Homeschool Schedule that Works for You

Family Worship Interview

This interview was first published on the Gospel Coalition Canada website. When did you start practicing family worship? When our twin daughters were very young, Steph and I committed ourselves to the discipline of family worship. This has proven to be a rich time of learning and growing for our family. Family worship affords us the chance to dig into in God’s Word, to worship … Continue reading Family Worship Interview