Blogging….Some Thoughts

Hard to believe, but I’ve been blogging for about 4 and a half years. Way back in March of 2009 I started up and it’s been an interesting journey. There have been a few times where I was ready to quit but I kept at it and looking back I am glad I did. To my surprise the readership of this blog continues to grow and I now have a database of over 400 articles that I often find myself referencing for ministry purposes.  Anyway, here are a few thoughts on my journey in blogging.

  1. It’s fun.  I enjoy organizing and recording my thoughts with the hope of stimulating good, Christian thought.  Douglas Wilson said that the reason he blogs is to make the thoughts in his head go away and I can relate to that. 
  2. It’s challenging.  There are millions of blogs and websites and we only have so much time to spend surfing the net.  We also live in a sound bite culture where our attention spans have shortened and if you are a writer, you only have so much time to grab the reader and convince them this is something worth spending a few minutes on.  It’s also a challenge to be clear and concise.  I don’t want to waste your time but I also have to make my case.  There is also the knowledge that as soon as I hit “publish,” what I have written is suddenly “out there” on the world-wide-web and I want to be sure that I really meant what I said.   
  3. It’s ironic that I’m blogging because I don’t consider myself a “techy” kind of guy.  I do love to write, but my wife is much more technologically inclined than I am (by the way, she has been super-helpful to me in this and I need to give credit where credit is due – thanks Honey!).  Also, is easy to use and operate which is a blessing.  
  4. I want to keep this blog gospel-centered.  If Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:21) and His Church (Matthew 16:18) is not the focus, then I am only wasting my time and your time.
  5. I realize that a blog called “Standing for the Truth” may not be the first choice for a child of post-modernity.  I grew up in a generation that does not like to think in terms of “objective truth” or anything that makes claims on our lives.  But as I read and study the scriptures, it is clear that we must take a stand for gospel truth (Ephesians 6:10-18).
  6. Blogging is only supplemental to my role as husband, father and pastor. Going hardcore has been a temptation for me in the past. I could try to post something everyday, but I have come to realize this is not my primary calling. Ministry and family come first and I really only have an hour or two each week that I can devote to the blog.  At the same time, what I write is an overflow of my life and ministry.  Often what ends up on the blog was originally sermon content or a discussion in one of our Bible studies.

Thanks for stopping by the blog – whether you are first time visitor or have followed for some time now. I trust that what you have read has been encouraging and challenging and that God has been glorified through it all.   

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