Spurgeon’s Counsel to Young Men

“You young men who come to London amidst its vices, shun everything that is akin to lewdness or leads on to unchastity, for your bodies were bought with your Lord’s lifeblood, and they are not yours to trifle with.  Shun the strange woman, her company, her wine, her glances, her house, her songs, her resorts.  Your bodies are not yours to injure by self-indulgence of any sort.  Keep them pure and chaste for that heavenly Bridegroom who has bought them with his blood.

And then your soul is bought too.  I was obligated to mention the body, because it is mentioned here, and it is so needful it should be kept pure.  But keep the soul pure.  Christ has not bought these eyes that they should read novels calculated to lead me into vanity and vice, such as are published nowadays.  Christ has not bought this brain of mine that I may revel in the perusal of works of blasphemy and filthiness.  He has not given me a mind that I may drag it through the mire with the hope of washing it clean again……

Your whole manhood belongs to God if you are a Christian.  Every faculty, every natural power, every talent, every possibility of your being, every capacity of your spirit…..It is all bought with blood.  Therefore keep the whole for Jesus, for it belongs to him.”

From a sermon preached Sunday night, March 8, 1874.  Spurgeon used 1 Corinthians 6:20 as his text of Scripture: “You were bought with a price.  So glorify God in your body.”

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