Reflections on Marriage

Stephane and I were married almost 2 and a half years ago – July 26th, 2008.  I can safely say that our marriage has been the happiest time of my life – we have a great marriage and we have grown so much together.  I am grateful to God for my wife and I would like to share some of the things I have learned from our marriage. 

1. The importance of family devotions.  Steph and I read the Bible and pray together every day.  This has been a wonderful time of learning and growing and it reminds us that Christ must always be at the center of our marriage.  The bible teaches that in marriage, we are “one flesh” (Genesis 2:24) and we are one in Christ.  If we want to maintain that unity, then family worship is essential.  I love our wedding theme verse: “a triple-braided cord is not quickly broken.”  (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

2. How much God loves us.  When I think about how much I love Stephane, God often reminds me; that’s how much I love you – and so much more!  And when I think about the wonderful intimacy that Stephane and I share together, the Lord reminds me – that’s the kind of intimacy I want to have with you – and even more!  It is amazing to me how instructive marriage can be when it comes to our relationship with the Lord.

3.  That I am a sinner.  Ok, ok, I guess I knew that before.  But marriage has a way of exposing all those warts and ugly character traits that we used to hide and pretend they did not exist.  I am much more aware of my own selfishness and pride and sinfulness in general than ever before.

4.  That as head of our home, I have a lot more responsibilities.  It used to be that I only had to look out for myself and my own interests.  Now I have a family that I am responsible to take care of.  Obviously, this is a huge change from where I was 3 years ago, but at the same time it is a good change.  I have been blessed with a wonderful wife, and it is my great joy to provide for, protect, and to lead her.  At the same time, to listen to her.  Even though I am the head of our home (1 Corinthians 11:3), there have been so many times were I’ve heard the Lord saying to me – LISTEN TO HER – SHE IS MY GOOD GIFT TO YOU!  It is at those moments where I have to let go of my pride and listen to my wife.  All honest husbands out there can affirm the truth in this.

5.  Marriage is a lot of fun.  Yes, I did anticipate this but it has been far beyond my expectations. 

6.  If you commit your way to the Lord, He will take care of you.  There have been so many things that we have dealt with in our relationship, but the Lord has taken care of us every step of the way.  God has brought us to a level of faith that we could have never anticipated 3 years ago.  To God be the glory, great things he has done! 

7.  That our love for one another just keeps growing and growing.  Before we got married, I had heard other couples talk about how they keep growing deeper in love for one another.  But for me, it was hard to imagine loving Stephane any more than I already did.  Now, after a couple years of marriage, I better understand what they meant.  Our love for one another just keeps growing and growing.  This also reminds us that our love for the Lord must keep growing and increasing and not go the other way.  It is absolutely critical for our spiritual health that our pursuit of Christ only intensifies by the day. 

To summarize, marriage is wonderful and incredibly rewarding when you keep Christ at the center of it.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be trials and difficulties along the way, but a Christ-centered couple can always trust that God will see you through and shower his grace and mercy upon you.

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