What A Newspaper Can Tell Us About The World

I did something this morning that I don’t normally do – I picked up and newspaper and read it. Of course I didn’t read the whole thing, but I skimmed through it and read the articles that were of most interest to me. Current events do tend to be of particular interest to me and I used to read the paper all the time, but over the years I have let go of that hobby and now get my news fix primarily through the internet. Anyway, as I glanced through the newspaper I saw many things, much of which reveals the hopelessness and fear that the world lives with. I was struck by our society’s obsession with the unimportant and insignificant. What I mean is that we fill our lives with things that have no eternal value – things that we think add meaning and value to our lives, but in reality, we just use them to pass the time. Not surprisingly, I also got a glimpse of the devastating effects of sin and a little of what living in a fallen world looks like. Of course, you don’t have to read a newspaper to see and experience the effects of the Fall, but it does give you a broader picture. Finally, the newspaper showed me a world that is trying to push God out of everything. We try to pretend that God is dead and that we are not accountable to a higher power. So these are some of the things that a newspaper can tell you about the world. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Thankfully, the Christian has hope. The Christian knows that Jesus Christ is the hope of the world and that we must trust Him with everything and every day of our lives. So when we are aware of the type of world we live in (hopeless) and we know that Jesus Christ is the hope of the world, that knowledge should motivate us to live in a particular way. What I am getting at is that the Christian should have a burden for their lost friends and family members. It should deeply concern us that they don’t know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and we should pray for them and reach out to them, in the hope that they will come to know Christ. I fear that too often, this “burden” is missing among Christians. We are content to let our friends, family members, neighbors, and co-workers dwell in that hopelessness while we go on our merry way. Perhaps we (I am certainly included in this) need to pray that God would give us that burden and that we might be more aware of all the opportunities he has given us to minister to the people in our lives.

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