Chuck Swindoll on Parenting

As many of you already know, my wife Stephane and I are expecting twins the first of September. We will be parents for the first time and no doubt we will have our hands full. I have several books on parenting in my library, but have not got around to reading them yet, so yesterday I picked up a book by Charles (Chuck) Swindoll on parenting. Swindoll has long been recognized as one of the best preacher’s around, but he is also an established author with dozens of titles to his credit. Here are 6 parenting principles I found in his book, Parenting: From Surviving to Thriving.

1. Parents cannot pass along what they do not possess. God wants you to put your whole hearts into your relationship with Him; then you will pass that along to your children.

2. Children won’t benefit from what isn’t authentic. Your children need to see your love for the Lord in the grocery store, in line at the post office, and in the snarl of traffic. Be real!

3. Truth isn’t a core commitment if it lacks courageous convictions. Be more dedicated to being upright than to just being liked by others.

4. Prosperity without personal sacrifice often leads to indifference toward God. Help your children develop attitudes of thanksgiving for their blessings, rather than attitudes of entitlement.

5. Compromising faith in the one true God is politically correct but spiritually lethal. Teach your children how to remain faithful in a world of tolerance and concession.

6. Mercy brought us out, grace brings us in, but obedience enables us to survive. The connection between the family and obedience to God is crystal clear. The Lord values the family as a means to perpetuate worship and devotion to Him, and thus, to preserve the nation.

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