Taken from John MacArthur’s “The Book on Leadership.” In this book, MacArthur looks at the New Testament writings of the Apostle Paul in order to discover these 26 characteristics. Paul, of course, was one of the greatest leaders in history, while MacArthur is one of the greatest leaders of our times so you can’t go wrong with this book.

1. A leader is trustworthy.
2. A leader takes the initiative.
3. A leader uses good judgment.
4. A leader speaks with authority.
5. A leader strengthens others.
6. A leader is optimistic and enthusiastic.
7. A leader never compromises the absolutes.
8. A leader focuses on objectives, not obstacles.
9. A leader empowers by example.
10. A leader cultivates loyalty.
11. A leader has empathy for others.
12. A leader keeps a clear conscience.
13. A leader is definite and decisive.
14. A leader knows when to change his mind.
15. A leader does not abuse his authority.
16. A leader doesn’t abdicate his role in the face of opposition.
17. A leader is sure of his calling.
18. A leader knows his own limitations.
19. A leader is resilient.
20. A leader is passionate.
21. A leader is courageous.
22. A leader is discerning.
23. A leader is disciplined.
24. A leader is energetic.
25. A leader knows how to delegate.
26. A leader is Christlike.

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