The Work of the Spirit

Yesterday, I looked at “Signs of the Spirit,” and today, by way of follow-up, I want to look at “The Work of the Holy Spirit.” This morning I was reading from Murray Brett’s book “Growing up in Grace” that deals with this matter. He explains, “When we receive by faith the manifold works of the Spirit as a Convictor, a Regenerator, an Indweller, an Illuminator, an Annointer, a Sanctifier, a Comforter, and a Sealer we will proceed in a right course to the end and also make returns.” The key to this is “when we receive by faith.” Generally speaking, we have a natural resistance to change and don’t want to let go of our carnal nature. But when we receive by faith the work of the Spirit of God, amazing things happen in our lives. Brett breaks down this transforming work of the Holy Spirit:

– When we receive His convicting work, we confess our sins.
– When we receive His regenerating work, we live for the truth and for holiness by the principle of new life He implants in us.
– When we receive His indwelling work, we live by His power and not our own, so that in all things God gets the glory.
– When we receive His illuminating work, we devote ourselves to the wisdom of His Word.
– When we receive His anointing work, we pour forth true and holy affections for God.
– When we receive His sanctifying work, we repent, mortify our sin and sinfulness, and live a life of devotion to God, striving for holiness in the fear of the Lord.
– When we receive His comforting work, we abide in the comfort of His felt presence during our deepest trials to lead us to Christ who is our great sympathetic high priest.
– When we receive His sealing work, we bask in the assurance of our full pardon of sin and we direct our attention towards heaven because He dwells within us as the down-payment and t he earnest of our future inheritance in glory.”

I think it goes without saying that the work of the Spirit results in the signs of the Spirit, which is ultimately a redeemed and transformed life. The ministry of the Spirit is truly a marvelous and magnificent work, by which ultimately, God glorifies His name. Sola Deo Gloria!

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