Souls in Need of a Savior

On Memorial Day (Monday), we had the privilege of going on a picnic with the Campbells, a family from our new church. The park where we went to was on top of a big hill, which I guess could be called a mountain. The view from the park offered outstanding panorama’s of what locals call […]

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How to Share the Gospel

Question: if you were asked to share the gospel in 60 seconds, do you think you could do it? Do you think you would be able to clearly articulate the key aspects of the good news of Jesus Christ? I am not looking for the standard, “God has a wonderful plan for your life, so […]

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Only One Way?

I will never forget a discussion I was part of while still in seminary. Our professor posed the question for our small group – is Jesus the only way to salvation? If I remember correctly, there were about 10 people in our group and only two answered, “yes” to that question. The sad thing was […]

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