A Different Take on Persecution

I just finished reading a book by Nik Ripken called The Insanity of God. In addition to having a provocative title, it is a powerful book. Ripken is considered to be the world’s leading expert on the persecuted church in the Muslim world, and towards the end of the book, he offers some conclusions on persecution. To say the least, I found them challenging and … Continue reading A Different Take on Persecution

The Only Way The Church Can Fail

I recently listened to a sermon by John MacArthur called How to Recognize a Real Church. Here is a sampling of it: “One of my friends recently wrote a little article pointing out that the church is indicted repeatedly today as a failure–the church has failed. Look at the world; that’s evidence of the church’s failure. Look at America and its moral decline and its … Continue reading The Only Way The Church Can Fail