How God Uses Parenting to Teach Us

Being a father has been a big learning experience for me. When the Lord blessed my wife and I with twin daughters, I never dreamed all that God would teach us and I had no idea what a wonderful blessing children would be.  One of the things I often hear around our home are the words, “Daddy play with me!” Obviously, I enjoy playing with … Continue reading How God Uses Parenting to Teach Us

Family Worship Interview

This interview was first published on the Gospel Coalition Canada website. When did you start practicing family worship? When our twin daughters were very young, Steph and I committed ourselves to the discipline of family worship. This has proven to be a rich time of learning and growing for our family. Family worship affords us the chance to dig into in God’s Word, to worship … Continue reading Family Worship Interview

The Best Way to Start Your Homeschooling Day

Here on the Stegeman home front, we have started another year of homeschooling. And no matter whether school is in session or out of session, one thing is always a priority, and that is the practice of family worship. It is a rare day when we miss our family time of worship, so much so that the kids have now come to expect it. There … Continue reading The Best Way to Start Your Homeschooling Day