Jonathan Edwards and the Rural Pastor: Podcast Episode

I had a the great privilege of traveling up to Wellsboro, PA to be interviewed for a podcast on Jonathan Edwards and the Rural Pastor .

My friends to TJ Freeman, Joe Wagner, and Josh MacClaren host the podcast Rural Pastors Talk and it is seriously one of my favorite podcasts out there. They always do a great job and it was neat getting a little behind the scenes look at how it all works.

Just to share a quick memory from my time in Wellsboro, TJ and Joe put together an impressive introduction (Great American Preachers Jeopardy) in just a matter of minutes. The only problem was TJ made a little mistake. The question, “who killed Alexander Hamilton?” was supposed to be answered, “Jonathan Edwards’ grandson.” Aaron Burr Jr. to be precise. TJ accidentally just said “Jonathan Edwards.” But it is all in good fun and I’m sure nobody cares, but we did share a few laughs afterwards. So just to clarify, Jonathan Edwards did not kill Alexander Hamilton lol.

Thanks guys for asking me to come on the podcast, thanks Josh and Joe for both buying me lunch, and keep up the good work!

Check out the podcast here and for a video feed check out this link

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