What the Bible says about Abortion and Why it Matters This Election

Ever since the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade back in 1973, 57 million babies have been aborted in this country. These precious lives have been terminated before they were ever born into the world. Thankfully, God has not left us in the dark in terms of how we should think about this matter. As a Christian, I believe that the Bible is God’s Word and from beginning to end, the Bible affirms the sanctify of life.  

First, consider how abortion violates the 6th commandment. Exodus 20:13 says “You shall not murder” (see also Genesis 9:6 and Numbers 35:19). Simply put, murder is wrong! Even civilizations that do not hold to the teachings of the Bible believe that murder is wrong. As Pastor John Piper explains, “Thou shalt not kill” stands as a clear and resounding indictment of the killing of innocent unborn children.” 

For years and even decades, the abortion movement has thrived on misinformation and distorting the truth. But let’s be clear on this – abortion is not a woman’s right to choose, nor is it her “reproductive rights.” Rather, it is the killing of an innocent human being. 

As you know, there are many animals that are protected by law. For example, if you were caught killing a bald eagle, you would be fined thousands of dollars and possibly even serve prison time. Remarkably, there are more protections in place for an eagle than there are for unborn children in this country!

Let me explain why this is such gross violation of justice. Every human being is created in the image of God. In the very first chapter in the Bible it says, “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God, He created him; male and female He created them” (Gen. 1:27). Think about that – the Creator and Sustainer of everyone and everything formed us in His very image!  

Our notion of “the sanctity of human life” is always in reference to God. The reason that every person has dignity and worth is because we are image bearers of the Triune God. That is not to say eagles and other animal species have no value and worth, but it is to say that human beings are God’s special creatures that uniquely image and reflect Him.

Please understand that you are not just a bag of cells. You are not just tissues strewn together. You are not some biological accident. No, you are a human being created in the image of God! That is true of every person and it is why it is wrong to slander and discriminate against your fellow man (James 3:9). 

One of the arguments that the abortion movement used to make is that before a child is born, they are not really a person. Not until the moment of birth do they enter into personhood. We all know that is unscientific, not to mention unbiblical. But things have changed because now abortion is simply “a life worth sacrificing.” If the mother thinks the child will get in the way of her career or for some other reason, then she has a right to terminate that little life. That is the argument abortion advocates make and tragically that is the law of the land right now.  

We must remember, however, that God’s Word is the higher authority. Even in cases of rape or incest or where there will be known complications and handicaps, it matters not. Every single person is created in the image of God and has worth and dignity. Certainly, in this sinful, fallen world women can be victimized and preyed upon by men, but that doesn’t mean they have a right to abort a baby. God alone is the giver and taker of life (Job 1:21).    

Psalm 139:13-15 gives us some insight into the creative brilliance of God. King David writes, “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth.” 

From the moment after conception, God is at work forming and fashioning His special creatures. After just a couple weeks, the heartbeat can be detected and tiny little hands and fingerprints are starting to form. Literally everything about the unborn baby leads us to the conclusion that this baby is a precious human being with the Divine image stamped upon him or her.  

One of the God-given roles of rulers and governing authorities is to protect the weak and vulnerable in society (Romans 13:1-7). Obviously, no one is weaker than an unborn baby. And yet, one of the major political parties in this country has now made abortion rights a key aspect of its party platform. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the Democratic party are not shy in their support for abortion and so called “reproductive rights.” They have made a conscious decision to affirm and celebrate what God calls evil (Romans 1:32).

I am thankful for those who have gone before us in the fight against abortion and this modern-day holocaust. Millions of lives have been lost, but I am hopeful and prayerful that Roe v. Wade will one day be overturned. 

One simple thing you can do this Tuesday is to vote at all levels of government for pro-life candidates. I am not advocating being a “single-issue voter” as some might suggest, but I do want to shine the spotlight on this issue because it is literally a “life and death” issue. If a candidate gets it wrong on this, just imagine all the other things they will get wrong!    

Lastly, pray for our nation. God alone can heal this land, and Christ alone can save sinners and reconcile them to their God and Maker (2 Corinthians 5:20-21).  

For more on this subject, check out my recent sermon: What the Bible says about Abortion.

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    1. Yes, not only because the Bible is so clear on it but because it has to do with worldview. Tell me what a candidate believes about abortion and I can tell you a lot about other matters they believe. Thanks for your comment!

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