A Tribute To John MacArthur

On June 5th 2011, pastor John MacArthur finished preaching verse by verse through the New Testament.  This is an extremely rare accomplishment given that no preacher over the past century has achieved such a feat.  Those of you who are familiar with MacArthur’s preaching will know that he doesn’t rush in his preaching (it took him 10 years to preach through the gospel of Luke).  This makes his accomplishment even more impressive.

It just so happened that my wife and I were visiting some dear friends in California at the same time MacArthur was completing the New Testament.  Our friends, Dave and JoAnn Radar, attend Grace Community Church where MacArthur has pastored for the past 42 years, and so we were able attend both the morning and evening services with them.  After the evening service, I had the opportunity to thank John MacArthur in person for his ministry and faithfulness to the gospel.

While preaching has always been the focal point of his ministry, it has never been the only facet of his ministry.  MacArthur is a prolific writer, with dozens of titles to his credit along with his New Testament commentary series, which is also nearing completion.  He is also the president of the Masters College and Seminary, which continue to produce Christian leaders year after year.  MacArthur also keeps a busy speaking schedule, which takes him all over the world.  And perhaps he is best known for his excellent radio ministry, Grace to You.

Safe to say, God has graced and gifted this man in incredible ways.  He could not have accomplished all this were it not for the grace of God.  God raised up John MacArthur for such a time as this, and Christians the world over have been the beneficiaries.

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