Book Review – Holy, Holy, Holy: Proclaiming the Perfections of God

The holiness of God was the theme for the 2009 Ligonier National conference, of which I was privileged to attend. The conference was truly outstanding and so when I learned that Reformation Trust had put the conference into book form, I was thrilled. What surprised me as I read through this book was my pace. Like many readers, when I feel like I understand the content of the book and grasp what the author is saying, I will simply skim through the book without much concern for reading every word or even every page. With me attending the conference, you might think this might be one of those books. However, as I read through Holy, Holy, Holy, I found myself carefully reading every page and being reminded of all the great truths that were presented at the conference. While this book is very readable, it does deal with one of the most important themes in the whole Bible and will force you to think. To say the least, this book is grounded in the Scriptures and you will come away with some excellent exegetical insights.

This book features the writings of some outstanding Reformed pastor-scholars, including R.C. Spoul (first and last chapter). The other contributing authors include: Sinclair Ferguson, Steven J. Lawson, Alistair Begg, Thabiti Anyabwile, D.A. Carson, W. Robert Godfrey, Derek W.H. Thomas, and R.C. Sproul Jr. The theme of this book is, of course, the same as R.C. Sproul’s classic book, “The Holiness of God.” Written 25 years ago, the book continues to encourage Christian’s to encounter the God of the Bible and not the God of our own imaginations. “Holy, Holy, Holy” only adds to Sproul’s earlier contributions to this most important of subjects. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to you.

I received this book from Reformation Trust and am not obligated to give a positive review.

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