Christ: The Center of All History

This past Sunday I preached on 1 Peter 1:10-12 where Peter explained how the Prophets of old spoke about the grace that was to come through the Messiah. Even hundreds of years before He came to earth, God’s Prophet’s were anticipating the arrival of Jesus the Christ. In his first letter, instead of looking forward to His coming, Peter and his readers were now looking back on the redeeming work of Christ. Today, 2000 years later, the followers of Jesus Christ are still looking back on his life and ministry. We remember His life, death, resurrection, and His current (but yet to be fulfilled) Kingdom reign. Any student of history will know that there are plenty of significant events that have shaped our world over the past several thousand years. However, there is only one event that we can safely place at the center of it all. This event, of course, is the life of Jesus of Nazareth, who was fully God and fully man. Though no longer present on the earth as He currently reign’s in heaven with His Father, we do know that His Spirit is present through the earthly lives of His followers. Most significant historical figures are soon forgotten following their death. We might continue to speak of their influence and legacy, but of no other person can we say “He lives” like we can of Jesus Christ. He is at the center of all redemptive history and He is the One we, as Christians, worship and love. The Prophets of old looked forward to His life, we (along with the Christians of every generation) look back on His life, and glory in His salvation. But we also look forward to His second coming, which is nearing by the day. Friend, are you faithfully walking with the Lord and preparing for His return? May we examine our lives.

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