15 Life Resolutions

“Living the Christian life, by all biblical accounts, necessitates the passionate pursuit of personal holiness. Sanctification is never an elective course that a believer may or may not take. Neither is it an upper-level graduate study, required for only a few disciples. Instead, it is a core class, mandated for all Christians. Godliness is a lifelong study, for no one graduates from the school of Christ this side of heaven.”

Last Tuesday, as Stephane I were at the airport waiting to get on a plane, I stared reading a book called, The Unwavering Resolve of Jonathan Edwards. This quote in the preface of the book impressed itself upon me. Sanctification is the calling of every Christian and our pursuit of holiness never ends until we get to heaven. I wonder how many Christians truly understand this? Jonathan Edwards becomes a model for us in this area. Not only was he one of the greatest theologians and pastors in history, but his pursuit of God was remarkable in its own right. Shortly after his conversion, (when he was 18-20) Edwards drafted up a list of 70 life resolutions. If you would like to check them out, simply google “Jonathan Edwards – 70 resolutions.” But for the rest of his life, Edwards sought to keep these resolutions that were mostly focused on the the pursuit of personal holiness. This is, of course, the time for New Years resolutions where many people make resolutions they most likely won’t keep. I don’t want to frivolously draft a list and eventually succumb to that category. Rather, I determined that I would make a list of “Life Resolutions” that would serve as a guide and aim for the rest of my life. Here they are:

1.Resolved to live entirely for the glory of God.
2.Resolved to make much of Christ in everything I do and continually dwell on his majesty.
3.Resolved to forsake sin and live with a passionate pursuit of personal holiness.
4.Resolved to study and obey the Word of God with all due diligence.
5.Resolved to stand for the truth of God no matter how hostile the opposition.
6.Resolved to live with a genuine love for my fellow man.
7.Resolved to cultivate a deep prayer life.
8.Resolved to lead my family in a godly manner.
9.Resolved to live with the greatest possible discipline in order to promote the glory of God.
10.Resolved to preach the gospel wherever the Lord calls me.
11.Resolved to live all areas of life under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
12.Resolved to live all of life in worship of the triune God.
13.Resolved to constantly pursue revival in my own heart and in the hearts of all God’s people.
14.Resolved to live every moment of my life as if I was on the brink of eternity.
15.Resolved to carefully and constantly practice self-examination.

At the end of chapter two, the author writes, “No matter where we are in our individual Christian lives, none of us has arrived. There is much spiritual maturity yet to be realized. There is much more that God can do in and through us. Edwards’ approach to the Christian life serves as a strong motivation for each of us to live for the glory of God. May you resolve to live your life not for self but for God.”

This is my desire in life. By the grace of God, I resolve to live my life in such a way so as to bring glory to our great God.

Happy New Year!

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