Our Journey to Homeschooling

By Daniel and Stephane Stegeman When our twin daughters turned 4 (back in 2014), we were torn in terms of how best to educate our children. Daniel grew up in the public school system, while Stephane was mostly educated in Christian schools. Both were options for our kids, but we also had concerns. Around that same time, we met a couple of homeschool families. The more we … Continue reading Our Journey to Homeschooling

The Best Way to Start Your Homeschooling Day

Here on the Stegeman home front, we have started another year of homeschooling. And no matter whether school is in session or out of session, one thing is always a priority, and that is the practice of family worship. It is a rare day when we miss our family time of worship, so much so that the kids have now come to expect it. There … Continue reading The Best Way to Start Your Homeschooling Day