How God Uses Parenting to Teach Us

Being a father has been a big learning experience for me. When the Lord blessed my wife and I with twin daughters, I never dreamed all that God would teach us and I had no idea what a wonderful blessing children would be.  One of the things I often hear around our home are the words, “Daddy play with me!” Obviously, I enjoy playing with … Continue reading How God Uses Parenting to Teach Us

Our Journey to Homeschooling

By Daniel and Stephane Stegeman When our twin daughters turned 4 (back in 2014), we were torn in terms of how best to educate our children. Daniel grew up in the public school system, while Stephane was mostly educated in Christian schools. Both were options for our kids, but we also had concerns. Around that same time, we met a couple of homeschool families. The more we … Continue reading Our Journey to Homeschooling