Rejoice in the Lord…Always?

A couple weeks ago, Steph and I went to a funeral to support friends of ours. Their dad unexpectedly passed away at a young age and it has been a tragic loss for the family. Lately, I have found myself studying the book of Philippians and one of the major themes in this letter is […]

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Learning How to Imitate

My twin daughters love to imitate. Often they will hear Steph or I say something and they will try to say it right back to us. Or they try to imitate something they see another person do. It was so comical Saturday evening to watch the girls try their best (especially Elizabeth) to imitate their […]

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Only One Way?

I will never forget a discussion I was part of while still in seminary. Our professor posed the question for our small group – is Jesus the only way to salvation? If I remember correctly, there were about 10 people in our group and only two answered, “yes” to that question. The sad thing was […]

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