How Should A Christian Vote?

This is the last in a series of posts on Christianity and Politics by Steve Dobo. Here are a few suggestions I would make to any Christian voter: First, I believe a Christian should vote.  There are those who say that Jesus would have been apathetic towards politics and not even have voted.  However, I […]

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Christianity and Politics

As you already know, this is an election year in the United States. In early November, voters will decide if Barack Obama is worthy of another term in office or if Mitt Romney will take his place as President. Just like any election year, Christians are left to wrestle with the question of how our […]

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New Development

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, I recently accepted the senior pastor position of Waverly Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Waverly, NY. In a little over a month, we will head east to the Empire State and plant some new roots. As with any transition, we have mixed feelings. We are very […]

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The Word Reverberates

Jonathan Leeman:   The ministry of the Word indeed begins in the pulpit, but then it must continue through the life of the church as members echo God’s Word back and forth to one another. The word reverberates, as in an echo chamber. In a real echo chamber, sound reverberates off walls. In the church, […]

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Every Story Whispers His Name

Almost every evening, our family reads from the Jesus Storybook Bible. If you have young children, I would heartily commend this book to you. I think Steph and I have enjoyed it more than Elizabeth and Anna. Just to give you a taste of the Jesus Storybook Bible, the following is an excerpt from the […]

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Attending a 9 Marks Conference

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I attended a 9 Marks conference in Cedarville, Ohio. Not surprisingly, the conference was on “9 Marks of a Healthy Church.” For those of you who are not familiar with the 9 marks, they are as follows:   Expositional Preaching Biblical Theology A Biblical Understanding of the Gospel […]

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Growing to Maturity

Last week Elizabeth and Anna reached 15 months old. The pace of their growth has blown me away, but especially the last three months. It seems like every week, there is an important new development in their growth. It has been fascinating (and fun) for my wife and I to watch the girls rapidly mature. […]

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