Great Message, Feeble Messenger

Not long after I graduated from Bible College, I had the opportunity to preach at my home church, the church I attended in junior high and high school. I can’t remember the exact text I preached on, but I do remember the response of some friends. They were extremely affirming and appreciative of me for the message I preached. I was more than a little … Continue reading Great Message, Feeble Messenger

The Santa Message vs. the Gospel Message

This past Christmas my wife purchased a book for our family titled When Santa Learned the Gospel. It is a fun little children’s book that was written by Australian author Simon Camilleri. In an interview Camilleri gives the background of his inspiration to write the book. Back in 2013 I witnessed something very funny at a local community carols event. As expected, at the end … Continue reading The Santa Message vs. the Gospel Message