What is Family Worship?

As a pastor, I have discovered that just the thought of “family worship” or “family devotions” can be overwhelming to Christian parents. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is because parents think they need to duplicate the Sunday morning worship service.  The reality is that family worship doesn’t have to be complicated. Quite simply, family worship is the family coming together to worship God. … Continue reading What is Family Worship?

John Stumbo: New President of the C&MA

I would like to congratulate John Stumbo on being elected as the new president of the U.S. Christian & Missionary Alliance. John has filled many roles within the C&MA over the past 30 years, including pastor, administrator, and most recently a District Superintendent. Other than watching a few videos that featured him, I don’t know much about John. He seems to be very well thought … Continue reading John Stumbo: New President of the C&MA