Having an Active Faith

We hear the word “faith” all the time. Someone will say, “He made a faith commitment”, or “My faith is really growing”, or “She’s a woman of faith”, etc. But sometimes I think we forget the basic meaning of the word. The Bible says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen” […]

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God’s Work in Suffering

If we were honest with ourselves, most of us would admit there are times where we wonder – how could God let this happen?  Whether it is an earthquake where thousands of people die or a family member who is sick, we wonder, why is God allowing this to happen? My intention is not to […]

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Be Strong and Courageous

One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is Joshua 1.  Moses had just died and the leadership baton was changing hands.  Joshua, Moses’ one-time assistant, would now assume command.  To say the least, this was no small assignment for Joshua.  By this point in time, the Israelites numbered at least 2 million people, so […]

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Remembering Our Inheritance

In our Wednesday night bible study we have been working through the book of Joshua. If you are familiar with Joshua, you will remember that the main theme of the book is the conquest of Canaan where God fulfills His promise to give Israel the “Promised Land.” Yesterday, we were in chapter 13 where the […]

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