The Gift of Marriage

Stephane and I were married four years ago today – July 26th, 2008. I am grateful to God for my wife and I would like to share some of the things I have learned from our marriage: 1. The importance of praying together.  Steph and I pray together every day. As the saying goes, “couples […]

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Expecting Great Things From God

As many of your know, my wife and I are expecting a baby any day now. Stephane is very ready and we are excited for the new addition to our family. As I was pondering this, I was reminded of Joshua 3:5 where it says, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among […]

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Get Rid of Your “Stuff”

Last week I wrote a post about living simply. I explained how the biggest lesson we learned from our recent move was the value of not being burdened with a bunch of stuff you don’t need. Here’s my attempt to give more of a theological rational for that thought. The apostle Paul writes, “But godliness […]

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A.B. Simpson and Hymn Writing

A.W. Tozer: “Simpson’s songs were more than songs; they were slogans. Their value to the Society (the Christian & Missionary Alliance) lay in their power to compress into a single sentence a cluster of dynamic ideas and set those ideas singing in the hearts of believing men. Simpson – consciously or unconsciously, I am not […]

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Living Simply

As most of you know, we just moved to New York State a couple months ago. We are very much enjoying our new digs. God has blessed us with a wonderful church family and the area is nice too. If you were to ask me what the biggest lesson I learned from moving was, I […]

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A.B. Simpson Covenant

“A SOLEMN COVENANT: The Dedication of Myself to God.” By Albert Benjamin Simpson Saturday, January 19, 1861 “O Thou everlasting and almighty God, Ruler of the universe, Thou who madest this world and me, Thy creature upon it, Thou who art in every place beholding the evil and the good, Thou seest Me at this […]

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Spurgeon on Separation

Pharaoh said, “I will let you go to offer sacrifices to the Lord your God in the desert, but you must not go very far.” (Exodus 8:28) This is a crafty statement from the lips of Pharaoh, the evil tyrant. If the poor Israelite slaves had to leave Egypt, he would bargain with them so […]

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