Do we really live with a sense of Divine Mission?

How many Christians truly live with a sense of purpose and calling in their lives?

Recently, I was listening to a sermon by John MacArthur about the prophet Jeremiah when he said something that really caught my attention:

“Whoever doesn’t have a sense of being predestined by God to service will never lead a spiritual revolution. Most people living in the church today have no sense of divine mission, they’re just bouncing from job to job and event to event, an engagement to engagement, and activity to activity. That’s the way they live, that’s the way they raise their kids. There’s no sense of an overarching divine mission. There’s no sense, and this is tragic, in the life of believers that the birth of every believer was ordained by God, the death of every believer was ordained by God, which means the middle was ordained by God and for purposes that advance the name of Christ and the glory of the Kingdom, and that’s the last thing on our priority list.” By the way, this sermon can be accessed at the Grace to You website and under the title: A Prophetic Message to an Ungodly Nation (Jeremiah).

What if our churches were filled with people who were driven by a sense of Divine mission? Knowing that God ordained their existence (Psalm 139:13-16) and predestined them to a life of holiness and righteousness (Ephesians 1:4), what if they lived as if every day mattered for eternity? What if, knowing that their lives were not their own (1 Corinthians 6:19-20), Christians lived for the glory of God alone? If this was truly a reality, I think our churches would be a lot different.

Unfortunately, MacArthur is right. Most professing Christians don’t live with a sense of Divine mission. Perhaps that’s one reason why most churches today are so weak.

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