Growing to Maturity

Last week Elizabeth and Anna reached 15 months old. The pace of their growth has blown me away, but especially the last three months. It seems like every week, there is an important new development in their growth. It has been fascinating (and fun) for my wife and I to watch the girls rapidly mature. […]

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Tozer’s Ordination Prayer

This Sunday (December 4th), I will be ordained into gospel ministry. Today I was reminded of A.W. Tozer’s prayer following his ordination service. On August 18, 1920 (Tozer was 23) at the Beulah Beach Conference Center west of Cleveland, Tozer was set apart for gospel ministry. Afterwards he found a quiet place where he could […]

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Satan’s Strategy

By Pastor David Jeremiah   Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary defines intervention as the “interference of one state in the affairs of another.” Satan has his own “intervention” program. He loves to intervene in the lives of Christians so he can cause them to do his will instead of the will of God. Blaise Pascal is reported […]

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Laboring in Vain

Today I drove past an unfinished church in Mansfield, Ohio. I am not quite sure what happened, but for several years this church has sat vacant. The structure is mostly completed, but little work has been done on the interior of the building. As far as I know, there are no plans to re-start the […]

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Loving God (Part 2)

The bible says, “We love because he first loved us.” (1 John 4:19) God’s love always precedes our love. That is why this is number 2 and not 3 or 4 in the love process. Keep in mind that loving God is not simply a matter of doing our best to keep the moral law. […]

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