“Death is the acid test of faith”

Matthew Henry once said, “Though the grace of faith is of universal use throughout the Christian’s life, it is especially so when we come to die.  Faith has its great work to do at the very last, to help believers to finish well, to die to the Lord so as to honor Him, by patience, hope, and joy so as to leave a witness behind them of the truth of God’s Word and the excellency of His ways.”

John MacArthur adds to that by saying, “God is glorified when His people leave this world with their flags flying at full mast.  If anyone should die triumphantly it should be believers.  When the Holy Spirit triumphs over our flesh, when the world is consciously and gladly left behind for heaven, when there is anticipation and glory in our eyes as we enter into the presence of the Lord, our dying is pleasing to the Lord…….. Death is the acid test of faith.”

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