“I look upon all the world as my parish”

In 1739, John Wesley made a famous declaration: “God in Scripture commands me, according to my power, to instruct the ignorant, reform the wicked, confirm the virtuous.  Man forbids me to do this in another’s parish; that is, in effect, to do it at all, seeing I have now no parish of my own, nor probably ever shall.  Whom then shall I hear, God or … Continue reading “I look upon all the world as my parish”

The Excellence and Beauty of Christ

American Christianity is all too often known for its focus on “the self.” We focus on what Jesus can do for you and me, and every human being on the planet. If you accept Christ into your life, or so we are told, you will finally get that new car you’ve always wanted, and the illness you’ve suffered with for years will go away, not … Continue reading The Excellence and Beauty of Christ

The Blessing of Curiosity

Over the past several months, I have been given an education in the art of curiosity.  My twin daughters Elizabeth and Anna are curious about everything.  Now almost 13 months old, they get around pretty good and anything is fair game for their insatiable curiosity.  They make good use of all their senses to examine and inspect whatever they get their hands on.  My wife … Continue reading The Blessing of Curiosity