The Blessing of Curiosity

Over the past several months, I have been given an education in the art of curiosity.  My twin daughters Elizabeth and Anna are curious about everything.  Now almost 13 months old, they get around pretty good and anything is fair game for their insatiable curiosity.  They make good use of all their senses to examine […]

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A Worthwhile Sacrifice

My favorite summer hobby is golf.  Last summer I enjoyed about 10 rounds of golf and my golf game was starting to come around nicely.  I even bought a new set of clubs, which I hoped would take my game to the next level.  Then something wonderful happened.  No, I did not get a hole […]

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How have you changed since 9-11?

I don’t think its news to anyone that this Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of 9-11.  There has already been a tremendous amount of media coverage and it will only intensify over the next few days.  You will probably catch yourself wondering where you were at this time 10 years ago.  I vividly remember the […]

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Can God Bless America? By John MacArthur

In this era of terrorism, poverty, oppression and a few less-distinct enemies, waves of patriotism occasionally revive the slogan “God Bless America.” Sadly, though, the sentiment long ago became a cliché to which people rarely give serious thought. The phrase is even seen, ironically, on bumper stickers adjacent to other bumper stickers expressing humanistic and […]

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