Preparing For Worship

It is critical that each Sunday morning we come prepared to worship God.  Of course, Sunday morning is not the only time we worship God, but there is something special about corporate worship which is why our preparation is vital.  Here are some practical suggestions I came across in a sermon John Piper preached almost […]

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Christian Contentment

One night before going to sleep, I was lying in bed and it hit me – this bed is really soft!  After three years of sleeping on the same mattress, it finally dawned on me that our bed was soft.  Call me a slow learner, but I think there are a lot of things we […]

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Is Anything Really Random?

One of the sayings we often use is, “that was random.”  I have discovered that different people mean different things by that, but usually that statement carries with it the idea of chance or accident.  I had a guest preacher come in last Sunday who asked the question, is anything really random?  He asked this […]

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Desperate for God

Water is essential to life.  Every living thing needs water and humans are no different.  This need is only amplified during hot weather.  Spending time outside on a hot day intensifies our thirst for water and there is nothing like having our thirst quenched with some ice-cold water.  In Psalm 63, David speaks of his […]

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