A Tribute To John MacArthur

On June 5th 2011, pastor John MacArthur finished preaching verse by verse through the New Testament.  This is an extremely rare accomplishment given that no preacher over the past century has achieved such a feat.  Those of you who are familiar with MacArthur’s preaching will know that he doesn’t rush in his preaching (it took […]

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A Christian’s Prayer

Blessed God, Ten thousand snares are mine without and within, Defend thou me; When sloth and indolence seize me, Give me views of heaven; When sinners entice me, Give me disrelish of their ways; When sensual pleasures tempt me, Purify and refine me; When I desire worldly possessions, Help me to be rich toward thee; […]

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Father’s, Train Your Children

This past year has been an exciting one to say the least for my wife and I.  On August 25, 2010 our twin girls, Elizabeth and Anna were born, which radically changed our world.  On that day we entered the world of parenthood, and I don’t think we could have ever envisioned all the joy […]

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