The Sabbath Is Not Optional

One of the things that I struggle with is Sabbath-rest.  We know that as Christians, we are commanded to take one day out of the week to rest and cease from all work-related activities.  This is not something optional.  This is not something God “suggested” as a good idea to follow.  In God’s Word we […]

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Death and Dying

Being a pastor, I am probably exposed to death and dying more than the average person.  Last week I was with a family as they agonized over taking their beloved wife and mother off life support.  The next day I was with them as she passed into eternity.  This week I visited with a woman […]

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Mary Jackson’s Memorable Obituary

“Lifespans were shorter in earlier days, and the Lord’s workers were not unaffected. Medical science was young, hospitals were scarce, disease was rampant, and every home had its deathbed scenes. But Christians, it was noticed, “died well.” Here’s an example. Vermont pastor Daniel Jackson prepared this newspaper obituary of his wife who passed away on […]

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Whatever is true……

For the first two years of our married life, Steph and I decided not to have satellite TV or cable in our home.  Every once in a while we would rent a movie, but for the most part we found other ways to entertain ourselves.  Well, last November we finally decided we would sign up […]

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Slaves of Christ

The latest Grace To You newsletter arrived in the mail this morning and as always, I was eager to read what pastor John MacArthur had to say.  This edition dealt with his new book, Slave and I would encourage you to pick up a copy of this important book.  Anyway, here is what MacArthur had […]

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Should Women Become Pastors?

The following is an edited transcript of the audio. By John Piper The Bible draws a connection between the home and the church. Just as there is a role distinction at home where the husband is called to lead the family, there is also one at church. At home men are proving their fitness to […]

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