The Carnal Christian?

I have continued my reading in the book The Trellis and the Vine where Colin Marshall and Tony Payne emphasize Jesus’ clear call to discipleship for every believer. “At the most basic level, the Bible says that Jesus doesn’t have two classes of disciple: those who abandon their lives to his service and those who […]

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The Purposes of Prayer Meetings

The local church prayer meeting has been in the process of dying for years. Many, if not most churches have cut the weekly prayer meeting out of their weekly activities calendar. There have been numerous reasons cited for this change, but we have to ask ourselves, are they legitimate? I would suggest that we think […]

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Prayers of A.W. Tozer

God of all grace, whose thoughts toward us are ever thoughts of peace and not of evil, give us hearts to believe that we are accepted in the Beloved; and give us minds to admire that perfection and moral wisdom which found a way to preserve the integrity of heaven and yet receive us there. […]

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A Manifesto For Healthy Evangelism

J. Mack Stiles has just written a helpful little book called “Marks of the Messenger.” In contrast to most books on evangelism that are generally technique oriented, Stiles focusses more on the “messenger” than the “message.” Towards the end of the book, he gives “A Manifesto for Healthy Evangelism” which offers a good summary of […]

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The Blessing of a Godly Mother

This Mother’s Day is extra special for Steph and I because she is pregnant with twins! Come September, the Stegeman household will change dramatically, but in a wonderful way as the size of our family will double. In our Sunday morning service today, I really emphasized 2 Timothy 1:5 where Paul says to Timothy, “I […]

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Ministry Mind-Shifts

I have just started to read through a book called The Trellis and the Vine. This is one of the books that we received at the Together for the Gospel conference last month (they gave away over 120000 books among the 7000 who attended!). In chapter two, the authors of the book, Colin Marshall and […]

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