A Prayer for Revival

I found this prayer on a revival website. As you read through it, you might be taken aback by certain things in it (and the language is not exactly what you might call modern) but at the heart of this prayer is a call for humility and repentance and a return to God. This is […]

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E.M. Bounds on Men of Prayer

I just read a wonderful little book called Power Through Prayer by E.M. Bounds. The importance of prayer cannot be understated for the Christian and Bounds makes an appeal to this end. I thought I would include a little section from the first chapter just to give you a taste for the book. We are […]

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The Danger of Liberalism

I read an article in the 9Marks eJournal that shows just how easy it is for liberalism to creep into our churches. It was was written by Jonathan Leeman – check it out for yourself. In general, the danger of liberalism, which we define broadly as gospel-denial within the church, occurs when we allow the […]

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15 Life Resolutions

“Living the Christian life, by all biblical accounts, necessitates the passionate pursuit of personal holiness. Sanctification is never an elective course that a believer may or may not take. Neither is it an upper-level graduate study, required for only a few disciples. Instead, it is a core class, mandated for all Christians. Godliness is a […]

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