Pastors Newsletter – August 2009

It is hard to believe that July has already come and gone, but as we look back on the month that was, we once again see God’s faithfulness. At our annual Ice Cream Social, more than 200 people from around our area came through the doors of Hope Church and feasted on the food and ice cream. No doubt many of those people do not know the joy of the Lord and we will continue to pray that God would use the people of our church to reach them. Later on in the month, we had a special service at the Crawford County fair, which was also well attended. Please pray that God would continue to expand the reach of the ministry of Hope Church in order that many more would come to delight in our great God and King and follow Jesus wherever He leads us.

As we look ahead to August, we are excited about our Lowmiller’s pond service on the 16th and Kid’s Day on the 30th. Please consider inviting friends and family members to these events. For Kid’s day, a familiar face will be joining us (that being Walt Keib) and we are praying that many kids from around the area will also join us for that special day. The fall is also fast approaching. Before we know it, the kids will be back in school and the summer will be over (sorry if that’s depressing to you). We will also have many exciting things going on in the fall and I pray that God would use them mightily and for His great glory.

As often as I can, I try to remind us of our mission as a church:

“Hope Church exists to glorify God by learning, following, and sharing the Word of God and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, both locally and globally, through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit.”

This little statement, communicates a tremendous amount. First off, we are here for God. It’s not about us – we are intended for God and exist to bring Him glory. Secondly, the Word of God is central to all that we do as a church. If this ever ceases to be the reality at Hope, we will die as a church. Thirdly, we desire to spread the gospel message all over this area, and to the far reaches of the world. Finally, the only way any of this can be accomplished is through the power of the Holy Spirit. May you have a wonderful month and stay close to the Lord Jesus.

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