On Sunday night, my wife and I watched the movie Fireproof for the third time.  It is a rare thing for me to watch a movie more than once, let alone 3 times.  I do have to confess that 2 of those viewings were with church groups so maybe that doesn’t count.  Anyway, each time I have watched Fireproof, it has impressed me and I am encouraged that the Lord is using this movie in such a powerful way.

Fireproof hit theatres in October of last year and ended up grossing around 35 million at the box office.  Maybe not blockbuster numbers but when you consider that a church from Georgia did the bulk of the work in putting together the movie, not to mention on a 500000$ budget, those are pretty impressive numbers.  And since it was released on DVD in late January, it has been viewed in churches all over the place and I suspect that it is now in the “millions” the number of people who have seen fireproof.

Another thing that impresses me about Fireproof is the number of biblical, positive messages that are packed into it.  Not only is there a clear, gospel presentation, but the movie shows how a struggling married couple on the brink of divorse is able to stay together through the grace of God.  Freedom from addiction, forgivenss and reconciliation, not storing up treasures on earth, and marital fidelity are just some of the themes picked up on in Fireproof.  It is amazing to think how this God has powerfully used this movie and will continue to do so long into the future.   And to think that it was mostly accomplished through the work of a church!  If only there were more examples of the body of Christ coming together for the glory of God.

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